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Earn Money In Plymouth

Exciting Opportunities for Ladies in Plymouth & Torbay

Are you a resident of Plymouth looking for unique opportunities to earn money while expressing your sensuality and style? I am always looking for individuals at all levels of experience to model for me. Sometimes it is to try out new techniques or camera and lighting equipment, or sometimes because I need new content for my website and socials.

If you’re looking to earn money in the Plymouth area in a creative and empowering environment, I have just the opportunity for you. Modelling positions cater to diverse styles and comfort levels, including:

Swimwear & Lingerie Modeling

I am always looking for new models who are ready to show off their sexy Swimwear and Lingerie on local beaches and other local settings.

Implied/Concealed Nude Modeling

Implied/Concealed nude photography is a genre that explores the art of suggestion and concealment in capturing the human body. These photoshoots maintain a tasteful and artistic approach by suggesting nudity without explicit exposure. Models may pose in a way that conceals their private parts while creating visually intriguing compositions. Lighting, shadows, and poses play a pivotal role in conveying the desired aesthetic. Implied/Concealed nude photography will normally take place in natural outdoor locations depending on the artistic vision.

Models may very well be naked during the shoot, but the finished images will not show any nudity, thanks to the strategic use of props or lighting.

Bodyscape Photography Modeling

Bodyscape photography is an artistic genre that typically centers on close-up pictures and detailed images of specific body parts, often including the breasts, buttocks and vagina, while maintaining a professional and artistic approach.

The emphasis is on capturing the aesthetic qualities of body parts, highlighting their shapes, textures, and contours. Lighting and shadows play a crucial role in creating visually striking and artistic compositions, and poses are chosen carefully to enhance the visual impact. Bodyscape photography often employs black and white techniques to emphasize contrasts and textures, allowing for a focus on the artistic and abstract qualities of the human body.

Models in bodyscape photography will normally be nude, during the shoot, depending on the artistic direction and the model’s comfort level. However in the finished photos, the models face is not generally shown, thus protecting her identity.

At Ocean City Photography, I believe in the power of collaboration, welcoming models of all experience levels to actively contribute to the creative process. I celebrate body positivity and inclusivity, valuing every individual’s unique beauty, regardless of their background or body shape. I’m dedicated to providing a safe and empowering environment where open communication, artistic collaboration, and the diversity of the human form are celebrated in every photoshoot.

Artistic Nude Modeling

Artistic nude photography is a genre that focuses on capturing the naked human form in a tasteful and creative manner. These photoshoots emphasize the artistic aspects of the body, using lighting, shadows, and poses to create visually compelling compositions. Artistic nude photography can take place in various settings, from natural outdoor locations to indoor studios, depending on the artistic vision. The artistic approach allows for the celebration of the human body’s natural beauty, form, and expression, often resulting in black and white images that emphasize contrasts and textures. Models will be completely nude during the shoot, and the focus is on the aesthetic qualities of the body as a work of art.

Adult Erotic Modeling / Content Share

Adult Erotic photography is a genre that focuses on capturing explicit nudity and sexual content. Erotic/Adult photography can encompass various styles, from masturbation to the use of sex toys and bondage equipment, always including explicit and graphic elements. Models participating in Erotic/Adult photoshoots should be comfortable with modeling explicit and graphic content.

You can also get shared copyright for any images we take, allowing you to potentially make a lot of money from your images on SlipperyBean and OnlyFans etc. Contact me now for more info.

Earning Money In Plymouth

The minimum rate, depending on style and shoot type, is £20 per hour, ensuring that your time and talent are appropriately valued.

Contact me now if you are in the Plymouth or Torbay area and would like to model for me.