Learn Photography In Plymouth, Devon

Photography Training In Plymouth & Devon

Would you like to learn more about photography?

Are you looking to improve your photography? I offer lots of courses and one to one training to help you the hands on way.

In my courses you will learn by doing, not standing around watching or listening. All my one to one training is tailored to you, making sure you learn exactly what you want to know.

I can help you improve your landscape photography, street photography, working with models, sunset photography and even editing images in Lightroom. Contact me know if you want to learn more.

Read more about my courses below.

Out Of Auto Course, Plymouth

This is a one to one course.

Master your camera and learn how to shoot in manual. Getting the correct exposure in three shots or less.

This course will teach you how to master your camera and much more. If you are struggling to capture the images you want, rather than the ones the camera will let you, this is for you.

Things You Could Learn

  • Basic Camera Settings
  • Exposure Triangle Basics
  • Light: Ambient, Fill & Flash Basics
  • How To Get The Right Exposure In Three Shots
  • Composition
  • Using Bokeh Or Blowing Out The Background (even with a kit lens)

I am always happy to answer any photography related questions. I am also happy to teach what you want to know. If you have a specific aspect of photography that you want to learn, let me know before you book the course, and I am sure we can work out a great course that benefits you.

Things You Will Need

  • A camera that can shoot in manual..
  • A notepad or note taking app.
  • Your camera manual (not needed if you know your camera really well)
  • A parent or guardian to accompany you, if under 18.

Follow Up Questions

I don’t expect you to remember every little detail from the course. You can email me at any point after the course with any questions, or if you want to clarify a point. I am happy to answer any questions with NO EXTRA CHARGE.

  • 3 hour course – £149

Contact me with any questions or to book this course. This course can be booked as a gift for someone else.