Adult Erotic Photoshoots in Plymouth

Adult Erotic / Content Share Photoshoots in Plymouth

Earn Money from your naughty pictures in Devon and Cornwall

Plymouth Adult Erotic photography is a genre that focuses on capturing explicit nudity and sexual content. It encompasses various styles, including depictions of masturbation and the use of sex toys and bondage equipment, always featuring explicit and graphic elements. Models participating in Adult Erotic photoshoots in Plymouth should be comfortable posing for explicit and graphic content. For hygiene reasons, models are required to provide all sex toys, including dildos, vibrators, butt plugs, etc.

Before your Adult Erotic photoshoot in Plymouth, we will discuss your preferences, objectives, and comfort levels, whether it involves stills or video, and the intended use of the content we produce.

Additionally, you have the option to acquire shared copyright for any images or videos we produce, potentially allowing you to generate income from your Adult Erotic photoshoot content on platforms such as SlipperyBean and OnlyFans, among others. Feel free to contact me for more information.

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If you are happy sharing the copyright for any video or stills produced from your Adult Erotic photoshoot in Plymouth, then the shoot will be free, this will allow us both to make money from the content produced. However if you want exclusive copyright to any content produced then that can be arranged for a fee of £299 + travel and costs per shoot.